If you've ever wanted to make a creepypasta, then this is for you. Today, I will be discussing the basics of making a creepypasta.


Obviously, grammar is an important part of making a creepypasta. Unless it's used in a comedic fashion, such as TEH DAY OF ALL TEH BLOD, then your pasta should have grammar. Grammar includes apostrophes, spaces, punctutation, periods, and making sure your pasta isn't just a wall of words. If it doesn't have grammar, it will be deleted.


Every creepypasta needs to be original. It can be inspired by something, but the creepypasta wiki stated NO SPINOFFS. e.g: Lenny the Killer. Sometimes, this can be different. All experiment pastas aren't just spinoffs of the Russian Sleep Experiment. They may have been inspired by that, but they aren't the exact same. They may have a few simillar ideas, but that does not make them a copy.