This is a style guide for the Editpasta Wiki that all users must follow. If an article does not match the style guide, it will be renamed with a redirect. The third offense, however, will result in a day's ban, the fourth will be two days, then four, etc.

Naming ConventionsEdit

  • Each word of the name must be capitalized, regardless of whether it is a preposition or an article. Example:The Hound Of The Baskervilles'. This helps maintain the articles, and find them easily.
  • Articles that are stories must be added to Category:Storage must not be added to any other category.
  • Stories that begin with articles (The, an, a) must be sorted.


  • You can add new categories to articles that you create, but these can be subject to deletion if it is found that they are not relevant. Downright spam will not be tolerated.
  • While adding nonexistent categories, make sure you visit the category page and add to it, stating clearly what the category should be used for.
  • Do not alter any existing categories. This will be considered vandalism. You may add the Category:Delete. Add the reason in your edit summary.
  • Category names should not be more that four letters, minus the necessary prefixes like 'how to'.

  • All categories must be added to This list in alphabetical order.


  • Articles in Category:Storage are pastas needing editing, review or simply storage. You can post it for the [ spinoff appeal] on the CPW or for unfinished pages.
  • Category:Tutorials must be to-the-point, save for a few examples that can be used. These are mainly short articles that aren't necessarily stubs.
  • Category:Tips and Tricks can be longer. They must be detailed. They cannot include what is already there in the Creepypasta wiki's Quality Standards.